Your group trip is all about where you want to go and what you want to do. We've divided trips into 6 categories, so you can decide what you want from your group trip and how we can help you plan itineraries, events and more at no extra charge!


The most common type of group trip abroad: the chance to see a new country in ways you never imagined! Visitor trips to cities include taking in famous landmarks, experiencing the intriguing history lying at a country's core and exploring local culture through food tours, evening activities and museums. From historical walking tours, to museums, river cruises to fun daytime activities, group picnics to dinners- experience everything a destination has to offer!


What better excuse to travel abroad with your group than for a celebration? Party trips are laid back, fun and inclusive opportunities for your group to chill out, relax and have a load of craic! Stay in a lively hostel with a student bar that hosts evening events like beer pong competitions, Jagerbomb trains and pub crawls. Day time activities include taking in the famous local culture, but also taking it easy, eating great food and doing a bit of shopping!


If you've got a specialist or hobby group, then this kind of trip is the one for you. Maybe you've got a group that loves literature, a musical society or a bunch of artists. Why not explore your passion in a new environment in a unique way? From building group itineraries that take in landmarks specific to your group's specialty, getting tickets to specific museums, exhibitions and events to designing evening meals in a time period that you just wish you could go back to. Themed trips are designed to your specialty at no extra cost!


Like themed trips, meet-up trips are for groups that have a specialty from drama to comic books, history to politics- but really want to immerse themselves in the culture abroad. For this, we have meet-up trips. Trips designed around a meeting with your group and a like-minded, similar group in another country. Is your group made up of jazz players from Dublin? We'll arrange a meeting with a jazz group in Amsterdam where you can make new contacts, have an exciting reception and jam out. Whether it's similar language learners, hobbyists, political associations- the European version of your group is just waiting to meet you.


Event trips can suit any group: from sports competitions to seeing your fav artist that didn't book Irish dates on their European tour! There are hundreds of events across Europe everyday that you'd be an eejit to miss! From massive festivals like Sziget and Oktoberfest, to elite festivals like the Berlinale Film Festival, competitions for dancers and poets- you can plan a trip around an event and make your year by attending an event you didn't think was impossible!


The kind of trip perfect for any kind of group- from sports teams to tourist groups, explore more of a continent by going between countries. If you're visiting Prague, why not see Vienna, Krakow, Dresden or Berlin? Have your group travel by coach through extreme landscapes, enjoy their time together and see more of Europe than they ever planned.

If you've got a group, we've got the perfect trip for you. All our group trips include return flights, accommodation, airport transfers, city transport, museum tickets, designed walking tours, specialized itineraries and the planning of any extra activities your group might need, like event tickets, dinners, receptions + more!

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