Capture Travel personalizes every group booking to suit your group needs. With global warming becoming a mainstream issue, your group might be second guessing their own contribution to the earth's problem. We understand that acting responsibly and sustainably might be important to some groups and their ethos- so we've come up with some ideas to help you achieve this with your group trip!

Is the general consensus for city breaks and popular destinations a "been there, done that"? If it's not a city break or party trip you're after, looking at some alternative destinations might be a goer. Alternative destinations are popular with groups who just want to spend some quality time together- whether that's chilling out, hiking, having group dinners and enjoying each other's company! You could travel to a rural town in the Alps, or attend a holistic festival in the middle of a field in Europe! What about a visit to the magical, romantic spots of the Cotswold, or just head off to Sligo for the weekend?

By spending time out of touristic hot spots around the world, your group encourages local communities and touristic development to grow. By not visiting well known sites, you take a small but helpful strain off overcrowding and over pollution in cities whilst also giving your money to communities that may rely on it more.

If your group is considering attending a music or cultural festival this year- maybe you should consider alternatives. We all love a festival, however, we don’t love the bad environmental impact many festivals, especially music festivals, have on the planet. Just because they take place in fields doesn’t mean the crazy amount of rubbish and greenhouse gases produced won’t harm the earth. Unfortunately, it does.

A lot of time, for group trips- attending festivals can be a little harder to get accommodation, especially for festivals like Tomorrow land and the Cannes Film Festival. This year, when you're considering your go-to festival- maybe think of an eco-friendly festivals in Europe such as Teraforma in Milan or DGTL in Amsterdam; choose Edinburgh Film Festival over the Berlinale, instead of the Rioja wine festival choose a similar Italian event that's lesser known.

So pack your bucket hat and get your rave on, just forget the glitter, please, it's bad for the oceans.

We know flying isn't the most environmentally friendly way to travel, however plane manufacturers and airlines are adopting more fuel efficient technologies to reduce their carbon footprint, and you can do so too! By spending just a small bit extra on other airlines, you can travel on more eco-friendly planes and routes.

For UK and French destinations, you can also take advantage of our ferry packages. It's (a bit) slower, but a fun opportunity especially if you have a trip for more than four days!

If airline emissions are an important deciding factor in your destination, your Capture Travel expert can research what routes make the smallest impact on the environment so you don’t have to.

Another important choice you have when travelling is what to pack! For airplane emissions, every kilo counts when you're travelling. So pack lightly. If you're going on a 3 day city break- you really don't need 3 different types of high heels or 30 pairs of underwear 😉 or your laptop, iPad and books- you won't have a lot of down time!

For city break destinations (2-3 night trips) with carry-on luggage only, you can use refillable containers for your shampoo, conditioner, lotions & soaps from what you have at home. This means you don't have to buy plastic shampoo bottles at the airport or in your destinations that you might only half-use, leading to more waste!

Eco-friendly accommodation options are becoming more and more popular, with eco-hostels and hotels popping up all over Europe. We work a lot of hotels that have zero-waste policies, offer organic products across their bathrooms and are powered by LED lights and solar panels. Some of our more rural accommodations also offer fresh fruit and veg grown in their garden for dinner in hotel restaurants.

If you find yourself in a normal hotel, don’t worry, just follow eco-friendly practices such as asking not to wash your towels every day.

There are so many eco accommodation options available to you when booking through Capture Travel, just tell us where you want to go and we will find you the eco haven best suited to your needs (they are all super cool too).

When choosing food and drink options abroad try your best to eat locally. It not only supports the community or country that you’re visiting, but also means you're not consuming food that travelled hundreds of miles (by road, but oftentimes by sea or sky) before reaching your plate.

It might be easier to go for a Maccy D's, but you'll be missing out on an important aspect of local culture by not trying the incredible cuisine when in your destination! At Capture Travel, we believe that eating your way through a city or town is a memorable aspect of any group trip. That's why we always include local food spots and must-trys in your itinerary. From finding the best of Czech dishes in Prague to real Italian pasta in Rome, stroopwafels in Amsterdam to crépes in Paris- your itinerary will always tell you where to find the best in local sources. It will also include the best in local beer, wines and alcohols so you can support local breweries and manufacturers whilst I have a bit of fun! By choosing these options, you're supporting local suppliers and not the large corporations behind touristic spots.

Staying off the tourist trail will not only help locals it will also taste 100 times better AND save you a lot of money, too! Remember, ‘When in Rome, eat as the Roman’s eat’.

Does your group ever dream of ways they can help local communities? Why not help a community while on a group trip? Or put a few weeks aside during a break to spend a week or two getting your hands dirty? Here at Capture Travel, we have endless volunteering options that will allow your group to help save the planet one trip at a time. Whether it’s saving the turtles in Greece to whale and dolphin conservation in Spain, whatever positive impact you want to have on the world we can accommodate it!

Volunteering abroad can be expensive as programs usually include a donation to the sanctuaries themselves. We can facilitate fundraising packages for your group trip whereby the cost of your ticket is paid for from money you have collected.

If you're on a tight budget, you might not be able to take advantage of all our recommendations to keep your group trip's carbon footprint as low as possible. If you still want a city break and a central hostel- with an itinerary that's designed to have as many experiences and as much fun as possible- that's our specialty and we're here to design it for you! So, maybe an option for your group trip might be to make a donation to a local charity in your destination.

You could choose to donate as little as €100 on behalf of your group to a local charity that deals with current and societal issues in your destination. Maybe that's a homeless charity in a city destination, a conservation or environmental fund on your beach or sun holiday, or clean-up team! It's a popular option for groups who want to give back something to local tourism as a thank you for hosting your group!

Whatever kind of trip you're looking for- Capture Travel is hear to make your dreams come true! Email us today at info@capturetravel.ie for a full quote!



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