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As things begin to reopen, Capture Travel is putting together some of our favourite spots in Ireland that you might be interested in for a short getaway this summer. We know the pain of having to cancel holidays abroad, but looking on the brighter side of things- this gives us an ample opportunity to explore our little Island. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Ireland every year, and rave about the little gems available on our Island. But how often do we take the opportunity to enjoy it ourselves?

If you have a group that needs a break, whether it's a group of friends that need a catching up, a girl's trip to celebrate a birthday or hen, a lads trip to get the boys back together or a family trip to give everyone a chance to unwind away from home- Capture Travel can organise intriguing accommodation, extensive itineraries and more to make your summer in Ireland a memorable one. If you have a group of more than 6 people, email us today at to get our best deals. Otherwise, click the links below to organise it on your own!

Here's to the start of our adventurous summer, we hope you enjoy!

1. Dingle

Dingle is the quaint yet vibrant town, that is the beloved spot of many a tourist and a Capture Travel team's favourite. Located on the Dingle Peninsula, the port town is home to boutique guesthouses and hotels, incredible pubs that often double as jam-packed stores selling hardware and trinkets, and of course Fungi the ever-loved dolphin.

There is a variety of activities available in the little town like incredible boat rides that take you right out from the bay to spot the famous dolphin. How would you feel about holding a falcon? Dingle has one of the most unique falconry experiences in Ireland, where you can see up close the majestic creatures! The town is also home to a rich diversity in gourmet experiences and famously Dingle Gin, that exports worldwide and is produced in the Dingle Gin Distillery. You can tour the Dingle Gin Distillery to understand the production process behind not only their gin, but also the famous whiskey and vodka produced on site. If beer is more your thing, Dick Mack's Brewhouse offers guided tours of their facility where you can learn about the history of the brewery, and sample their local beers! For those interested in combining both, Kingdom Food Tours provide insightful gourmet experiences of the town across a variety of locations, the 3 hour tour allows you to sample an excellent diversity in flavours available in Dingle. If getting stuck into the Wild Atlantic Way's range of outdoor experiences is more your thing, you can find a range of trails suitable for hiking, cycling and walking; water sports like surfing and kayaking or even a horse-ride taking you through the beautiful landscape.

In terms of accommodation in Dingle, you'll find a range of options- from guesthouses to hotels, townhouses and B&Bs, and options to suit all types of travellers- from couples to groups.

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2. Doolin

Doolin, Clare is the place to stay if you're interested in visiting those Irish spots that are flocked with tourists every year, but now you might have ample opportunity to take a trip! The coastal town is amazing in its own right, renowned for its incredible music and trad sessions that can carry right into the morning! It's also neighbour to Lisdoonvarna, the spa town that hosts the Match-making festival every year in September which is just great (if you want to see elderly men shoot their shot, if that's not you, you'll have to find another alternative to Coppers). BUT the absolute must sees from Doolin are by far the Cliffs of Moher, The Burren and the Aran Islands (a short boat ride from the port town). There's much more to do than just sightseeing, with the area renowned for its rock climbing and surfing opportunities.

When you're staying in Doolin, you have a huge amount of opportunities like townhouses, hotels and B&Bs. But our absolute favourite is the pictured Doolin Village Lodges, these self-catering lodges come with a BATH that has a stunning view of the landscape beyond. Couldn't you just imagine sitting down here for a night with your group, fire on, with some great Irish produce and a nice bottle of wine?

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3. Inistioge

Inistioge, is the tiny little village in south Kilkenny, that is a popular film location for movies like the Circle of Friends starring Minnie Driver, The Secret Scripture with Ronney Mara and Eric Bana and many more. The village is popular in the summer, with 3 pubs, two churches and the famous Woodstock Gardens to enjoy for long walks, walled gardens and the mighty Woodstock House that was burned down in 1922 and was never rebuilt.

If you're looking for more touristic options, the city of Kilkenny is just a 25 mintue drive away with a range of activities, including some excellent and actually interesting museums along the Medieval Mile, Kilkenny Castle, the Smithwicks Distillery and much, much more.

Inistioge borders Thomastown, the little hippie village that has a variety of restaurants, including an Indian, a Chinese and two takeaways- what more could you ask for? The real reason we're mentioning Thomastown in this list is for the incredible resort of Mount Juliet Estate- just a 10 minute drive from the town. Inistioge can host you in a little quaint B&B but if you're willing to take a moment and dream with us about the five star hotel that offers private horse-riding classes, Michelin-star dinners and a vast golfing range. It's Kilkenny's answer to Adare Manor and it's glorious!

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4. Glendalough

This summer is honestly the perfect time to take a hike down to Wicklow and enjoy the glory that is the Glendaough valley. It's a bit of fresh air if anything, it's also a great way to nurture team building and have a bit of craic! The famous touristy spots include the Glendalough Cathedral, Lake and National Park alongside other natural attractions like Genmacnass Waterfall, St. Kevin's Bed. A 30 minute drive away, you'll find Avoca Handweavers in the beautiful village of Avoca.

There's so much to see in this valley, that will keep you occupied for days and really reminds you of how wonderful our little island is!

For accommodation in Glendalough we just love these cute and quaint glamping huts opportunities that sleep two a bed, and are located in the middle of the Wicklow landscape! There are also hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs nearby for those not looking for such an outdoorsey holiday.

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