Your Group Trip: What's Included?

Capture Travel are the leaders in group travel, we are an Irish founded and Irish owned business, female-led and operated by young experts in travel. All our packages are incredibly affordable and include a lot, lot of benefits. But what's included in every group booking? Find out below and get your group booking at

1. Flights

If your trip is departing Ireland you can trust that Capture Travel will choose the best airline, flight times and added benefits to suit your group.

If you're on a budget- Capture Travel works and books with the cheapest airline companies.

If you're looking for something a little more luxurious, we also work with the leading International and Irish airlines to provide your group with that added comfort.

When you book with us, Capture Travel can see across a wide selection of flights and flight times. We know which one will suit you best, depending on the destination. For groups, the cheapest option is not always with the low-cost airline and we'll be on hand to advise you on what options are best (or cheapest!)

Airport transfers

When you get to your destination, Capture Travel will have arranged in advance amazing city transfers for your group. Whether you're looking for the public transport option, private coaches, reserved train seats (or just whatever's the cheapest)- Capture Travel works with the leading providers across the world. Even if your flight is delayed, our coach transfers will wait for your group!

2. Accommodation

The most important aspect of any group trip is where you are going to stay! Even if you're not staying there very long! For every single group that books with us, Capture Travel handpicks accommodation based on price, location and amenities for your group- whatever you're looking for, we'll get it right for you.

From central hostels with connecting bars to luxurious 5 star hotels, private villas for your group to relax or city hotels right in the middle of the action. With bed-only, breakfast, half-board and all inclusive options available, your group can rest assured that our experts have chosen the perfect place.

All our hotels, hostels and villas are routinely checked and monitored by the Capture Travel team and will be guaranteed affordable, safe and central in your destination.

-- This is where other Irish travel agencies will stop planning your group trip. They'll organise your flights, accommodation and transfers and send you on your way. With Capture Travel, the following is included for the same price (or cheaper) than our competitors! --

3. Itinerary

You might have already seen "Full Itinerary" on your recent quote with Capture Travel, but what does that mean?

What is a Capture Travel itinerary?

It's a PDF document that has all your information inside of it. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Your flight booking references, baggage information and airport info

  • Your transfer reference, tickets, airport map and what to do if your flight is delayed

  • Your accommodation reference, room breakdowns, information including what's included, where the local ATM, shop and transport links are located.

It will also include (and this our favourite part) a Day-to-Day recommended itinerary for your trip.

If you have had a meeting with your Capture Travel rep in person or on the phone, when you're looking for particular activities, museums, experiences and attractions - it will all be included on a Day-to-Day planner.

Capture Travel personalised itineraries include:

  • What time you need to depart your accommodation to get to places on time

  • Deals you can get on the day at attractions and activities

  • All public transport information

  • Must-see spots (like the best place to get a local pastry or the secret bars to discover)

  • Lunch and dinner recommendations including the local dishes, the must-trys and the weird and wonderful places you might miss on your own!

  • AND DIY walking tours - written out facts that might peek the interest of some of your group as you pass them from A to B and be somewhere to explore then or later on!

  • It will also have all the details of extra activities including booking reference and tickets that you booked through Capture Travel.

4. 20% discounts on your activities

At Capture Travel, we don't charge a fee for organising your extra activities and we pass on our 20% - 50% discount on these activities to our groups! But what kind of activities can we arrange at these discounted prices? Mostly, everything. For a few things, like certain sporting events and concerts, we don't get huge discounts but can still arrange it at no extra cost!

We choose the best activities for your group- and like our accommodation- we check with all our suppliers regularly to make sure you're getting the best deal and the greatest experience for your group.

It includes:

  • Skip the line tickets on tourist attractions, from city landmarks like the Eiffel Tower to city experiences like the London Dungeons, we'll have booked your group in ahead of time and you can walk right up to the entrance to claim your ticket!

  • Museum entrances, from popular museums like the Van Gogh in Amsterdam to special interests like the Stedelijk, we'll get your group easy access and entry. For some museums that are free, you have to register the group in advance but don't worry, we'll do all that for you!

  • Pub crawls: we're a student orientated travel agency after all and that means we know how to let your group party in destination on a tight budget! Whether it's organising pub crawls (that include free drinks, t-shirts and access to the best bars and clubs) to a DIY pub crawl that your group can take your time on exploring!

  • Dinners: we can organise great group dinners for your group with set menus (don't worry if you have a Vegan, we'll sort them out, too), drinks packages and much, much more. We've already organised several themed dinner parties for groups so if this is of interest, just let us know!

  • Specialist experiences. Here's another favourite of ours, we LOVE organising special interest experiences for every group we work with. If you have an artsy group we can organise Prosecco and Painting workshops. If you have a dance group we can organise fun training in the West End by the Mamma Mia producer (our recent group in February, loved this one), if you have an International group, we'll organise a fun immersive experience that's a bit of craic and doesn't break the bank! From sports clubs to societies, we have something special for every group!

5. 24/7 support

We think you've already got the point but we are different from other group travel agencies in Ireland (no bragging). On top of all this we also organise 24/7 support for your group.

So if something happens abroad or in Ireland, you can get in touch and we'll always answer. If you can't find your transfer, you can ring us. If you're in the middle of the city and you need a place to go for lunch, you can text us on Whatsapp. If you want to book in an activity for the evening and want the best deal, we'll send you the link to book and it will be confirmed immediately

Whatever you need, our travel experts are on a dedicated line 24/7 during your group trip!

6. Full Protection of your travel money

Your group money is fully protected when you trael with us. But what does that mean? Basically, to organise travel out of Ireland on behalf of someone else is only legal when you have a travel agent license in Ireland. That means when you collect money for your group trip and book your flights and accommodation without a travel agent, you're going against the law 😳. Who does it apply to? Everyone. Even if it's your sister's wedding in Malta or your class trip to London. It counts. The law is in place to protect Irish people because if something goes wrong abroad (like Wow Air failing or your accommodation goes on fire) your money needs to be protected with a travel agent license.

Capture Travel is licensed by the Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland so you never have to worry about this with your group!

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