Don't book your group trip by yourself

A lot of people wonder: why book your group trip with a travel agent? And more importantly, why book with Capture Travel?

Booking with Capture Travel is great for a number of reasons:

It's the cheaper option. As a travel agent specialising in group travel, Capture Travel has access to amazing discounts on accommodation and transport that you won't find anywhere else. This means we can save you up to 20% on your trip, leaving you with more money to spend on amazing experiences.

Everything's included. In your group package you get flights, accommodation and transport, alongside comprehensive itineraries, museum entrances, tickets to events and more.

We're run by young people, for young people. We're the youngest travel business in Ireland. We provide Capture Guides who are young, expert and great fun - so you don't have to worry about your trip being led by some oldie!

Extra activities. We're student orientated, in your itinerary everything's included, as well as amazing places to eat, the must-do's and don'ts and tips you won't find in any guidebooks. We work directly with pub-crawls to get you the best deals, we'll save you up to 30% on extra activities like sightseeing, national landmarks and more!

That's all great and everything, right? But why can't I just book my group trip on my own? Well, under Irish law, booking a group trip for your organisation is illegal without a travel agent.

But why is that?

When an organisation, like a club or society, receives money from a member (a private citizen) for a trip abroad it is under the pretext that, for this money, the member will receive accommodation and transport. Buying and then selling on travel to a private consumer is illegal under EU law without a travel agent license whether the organisation makes a profit or not.

Oftentimes, organisations without licenses will take their members money for travel and not book the flights. If the organisation wrongly books return flights, or does not pay for a portion of the trip, members can be stranded in a city with no ability to get a refund and no way to get home. Again, in this case, both the organisation and consumer are unprotected and may face legal damages on both fronts.

Both these scenarios have happened multiple times in the past by Irish organisations. That's why it's illegal to sell travel to a person without a travel agent license. Travel agent licenses are issued under strict guidelines and it takes long application processes and multiple interviews for a company to be deemed trustworthy of a license. To receive a license, a bank or cash bond is set up to protect the consumer should a travel agent fail in business, ensuring that holiday money is fully protected.

If you sell travel to your organisation's members, you are acting without a license and this is illegal under EU law.

Another important consideration is: you don't have insurance! A club or society is not a registered business and does not hold any public liability or indemnity insurance for group travel abroad. This sort of insurance is only issued to tour operators and travel agents. If something goes wrong on the trip, the organisation is not held responsible to pay damages. This act of business is illegal and fraudulent as both the organisation and the consumer are unprotected.

But that's why we're here! Capture Travel was set up to specifically cater to the sports clubs, societies and organisations within Irish colleges. With us, you're protected.

We've got a travel agent license issued by the Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland TA0786.

We've got insurance.

And we've got the perfect group trip for your club or soc!

See more on our clubs and socs page and feel free to ask us a question

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