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The unique Wine Tours to Spain will be offered to Port House customers, beginning towards the end of this year with a full launch in 2020. The tours present a unique opportunity for customers to experience first-hand the Spanish suppliers of food and wine that make up the eclectic menu of The Port House tapas restaurants.

Port House Wine Tours to Spain

Are you an Irish business with a travel idea for your customers, staff or as part of a new

marketing strategy? Capture Travel develops bespoke tours and marketing packages that reflect your brand and business, whilst also covering your trip under European and International travel legislation and insurance, taking the hassle out of travel and making a dream come true for your brand!

Dinner Party
Trips for Young Adults

Is your child in secondary school, just going into sixth year and talking about Leaving Cert Holidays? Or maybe you have a kid in university, worried about leaving home and starting life out on their own? Capture Travel has new bespoke trips to make this transition between childhood and adulthood easier for everyone. We provide a young, fun Capture Travel team member on your kid's first group holiday, to be involved as little or as much as they like- but they're to keep an eye on things, too. 

In August-October, Capture Travel will be travelling to Irish schools and meeting with Parents Associations to discuss parents concerns on their kid's first trip away. If you would like to arrange a presentation with your local school or parish, you can book at [email protected]